What Makes a Great Scent?

What Makes a Great Scent?

January 25, 2021

If you are basing your scent of choice on brand name alone, it may be time to talk about what actually makes a good Scent. By learning what makes a particular fragrance better than the competition, you will become an expert at recognizing a high quality fragrance. By learning more about how scents are made you will recognize that price and name brand do not necessarily make a good scent!

Wear Time Is Key!

How long will your fragrance last? Even if it is the best scent in the world if it only lasts an hour what good is it? Its good for the ones who make it because you will have to buy it by the boat load!

If your fragrance is made with top grade ingredients it will last longer. The best way to know about the wear time of any fragrance is to test it on your own skin. Everyone wears a scent differently just because Jane puts it on and it smells great and lasts all day that does not mean that it will on you. Aside from using top shelf ingredients this is why we offer all of our scents in very affordable roll on bottles. Pick a few scents you think you will like and try them, see how long they last, how they smell on you, and if you love them you can buy the bigger bottles.

Make sure you have someone else to test and see how it smells on you and if it lasts. You may not be able to smell it on yourself after an hour because your nose will get used to the smell - you will need someone else to let you know what they think. Can they still smell it? Does it smell good? 

Complex Notes

Typically, a fragrance made with multiple "notes" will have a better and more long lasting scent. All of our fragrances are a mixture of notes, this combined with our top notch formula makes our scents long lasting.

For example, our Scent Sweet Blossom is a mixture of notes of sweet pea, touch of fruit, creamy vanilla and leafy Greens. Its a soft scent that lasts for hours. Give it a try!


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